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Web & Email Hosting

If you just want it to work without you needing to become a web expert yourself, DashWeb Managed Hosting can take away your pain

Managed Australian Hosting

Australian-based hosting gives faster access times than comparable plans from overseas

All of our domain name registration and hosting options are managed for you.  We understand that not every company has an IT department, but that shouldn't stop you getting what you need for your business.


All of our hosting options include:

  • Setup of domain hosting and DNS management
  • Dell Xeon, multi processor redundant servers
  • No banners or pop-up advertisements
  • Web mail 

Your business site will be hosted on new Dell 1950 servers, and unlike some other service providers, we dedicate server resources to all of our hosting customers, so that processing time and memory are not shared with any other virtual services being used on the same hardware.

The Network

The network we use to host your business' website is based at one of the most advanced data centres in Canberra, ACT.  It is part of one of the newest hosting network environments in Australia. The Juniper, Extreme and F5 powered network boasts an ultra fast and fully redundant BGP blend of bandwidth including Agile, Australia's most trusted IP network, and PIPE Networks.

CloudLinux protection

All of our web hosting servers are CloudLinux enabled. This ensures stability and maximum uptime of your online web presence. CloudLinux isolates users on shared environments preventing others impacting your hosting service.

Data Security

The security of your data is extremely important to us. On top of automated system updates, we employ a number of security applications across our servers, including mod_security rulesets, ingress and egress firewalls and PHPsuexec.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Our providers maintain backups best effort for seven days in the event of data loss or disaster recovery. Feel safe that your data is protected and backed up in time of need. Data restoration fees may apply.

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