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Hosting Options

DashWeb offers a range of hosting options, domain management & forwarding, as well as other related services

Parked Domain Hosting @$90/yr

  • Standard DashWeb parked page, including:
    • Your company name & contact details
    • Refreshes to DashWeb after 5 seconds
    • +$50 to stay or refresh to choice of page

Super5 Business Hosting @$490/yr

  • Managed hosted domain with:
    • Up to 20 email addresses or forwarders
    • 5GB Raid protected web space
    • 100GB 500GB Monthly data transfer

Basic Presence Hosting @$250/yr

  • Managed hosted domain with:
    • Up to 6 email forwarders (no email storage)
    • 100MB 200MB Raid protected web space
    • 10GB 20GB Monthly data transfer

Super10 Business Hosting @$690 $640/yr (effective 1 July 2017)

  • Managed hosted domain with:
    • Up to 25 email addresses or forwarders
    • 10GB Raid protected web space
    • UNLIMITED Monthly data transfer

New Presence Hosting @$350/yr

  • Managed hosted domain with:
    • Up to 10 email addresses or forwarders
    • 2GB 3GB Raid protected web space
    • 50GB 100GB Monthly data transfer

Super20 Business Hosting @$890 $790/yr (effective 1 July 2017)

  • Managed hosted domain with:
    • Up to 30 email addresses or forwarders
    • 20GB Raid protected web space
    • UNLIMITED Monthly data transfer

Read more about our Managed Australian Hosting here

Need a Domain Registered?

Ask about our 2 year Discount Bundles, plus our All-In-One Annual Hosting & Domain options too

Domain Forwarding/Management from $90/yr

  • Do you have additional domains that you want to point at a single site?
  • Maybe you have the '.com' and the '.com.au' for example, but you only want one actual website. Maybe you have specific product or service based domain names that you want pointed to a page within your current site.
  • Alternatively, as technology shrinks the size of the world, more companies are doing business outside their own country.
  • Domain names (and the websites they direct to) are powerful marketing tools. Securing the domain name in the markets you wish to service is important, however you may not be ready to setup a region or country specific site.
  • This option allows multiple domain names to be setup to point to a single website, as well as email being redirected to the one point too. For example if you have an email address info(at)xyz.com.au and you have just registered the domain xyz.asia, then info(at)xyz.asia will automatically redirect to info(at)xyz.com.au.
  • Includes:
    • Automatic domain web redirection
    • Automatic domain email redirection
  • Ask about the reduced fees for management and forwarding of multiple additional domains!

Other Services

Available at a fixed project or hourly rate, include...

All prices are exclusive of Australian GST and requests to change the standard inclusions above may incur an additional fee